Veeam – Task Failed Error: Unable to allocate processing resources. Error: All backup proxies are offline or outdated

Description of the Error

This error is pretty straightforward. The Veeam backup server is unable to reach a backup proxy server to process the job.


  1. Open the Veeam Backup Console
  2. Click Backup Infrastructure
  3. In my case, the error was pretty obvious. Our external backup proxy was showing as Unavailable.

  4. Connect to the Veeam backup proxy (skip this step if your Veeam backup server is your only backup proxy)
  5. Open services.msc and check for Veeam services

  6. The ‘Veeam Data Mover Service’ is not running, so the backup proxy is not responding to requests from the Veeam Backup Server.


  1. Right-click the stopped ‘Veeam Data Mover Service’ and start it.
  2. Start one of the jobs that failed with the above error and verify that it completes successfully.